Image for Fair for Life: ensuring our herb farmers get a fair deal

Fair for Life: ensuring our herb farmers get a fair deal

30th juni 2015

Ben, Pukka’s Sustainable Herbs Manager, has just got back from Northern India where he visited the farmers that grow the organic field mint that goes into all our teas.

25 farmers work together across 60 acres of farmland to grow our Soil Association certified organic field mint.

Many of us here at Pukka have seen first-hand the difference fair trading can make to lives.

That’s why we’re exploring the feasibility of this group of farmers – who are all from one village – becoming Fair for Life certified, ensuring they get a fair deal for the herbs they supply to us and the local community benefits from a fund for social development.

Watch this space for more on Pukka and this Fair for Life project.

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Ben Heron, Sustainable Herbs Manager

My main responsibility at Pukka is to make sure the herbs we source are Pukka – in other words, that they are grown, collected and processed in ways that meet our sustainability, quality and Fair for Life standards. This means that I spend a lot of time visiting and working with our suppliers, and am often behind the camera taking photos and videos for the website. With a background in plant conservation, I am passionate about driving Pukka’s vision of ‘conservation through commerce’.