2nd april 2015

Discover incredible adventurous teas

Of course we all want to think of ourselves as a little bit adventurous. But discovery and adventure can take many forms - so why not begin your own adventure right now, from right where you're sitting...

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2nd februar 2015

Sleep with Pukka

This month we look at sleep and ways in which incredible organic herbs can help get a good night’s rest.

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19th december 2014

A really Pukka Christmas

Giving is important to us at Pukka (see our article on giving) and this year, rather than sending Christmas cards, we’re supporting three local charities that give to People, Plants and Planet.

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18th november 2014

Make one wish this Christmas - go organic

Buying organic is more than just about the quality of ingredients – it’s about doing something good for you that does good in return. It’s why everything we make at Pukka is certified organic and why we promote the great work of the Soil Association.

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