Sæt dig godt til rette med en kop lækker økologisk Pukka te, og læs de skønne historier, som vi håber vil inspirere og berige dig.
25th august 2016

The secrets of glowing skin

What you put into your body directly impacts not only you feel and your health and wellbeing, it also impacts on how you look – not least your skin which is the biggest organic of the body. Find out which foods and drinks are good for your skin.

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23rd august 2016

From summer to autumn: how to be prepared for the change in seasons

The change in atmosphere and temperature moving from the bright summer months into the changeable months of autumn doesn’t just affect climate; it also affects our body and mind. Katie Pande, Pukka’s Herbal Advisor, gives her tips on how to prepare your body and mind for the seasonal change

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30th juni 2016

How we make tea at Pukka

Sebastian Pole, Pukka’s Master Herbsmith explains the magic behind how we create our incredible organic teas and supplement. This is the story of Pukka, from crop to cup.

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28th juni 2016

The journey from traditional to modern medicine with turmeric

Materia medica is the Latin medical term for the body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of any substance used for healing derived by the Ancient Greek physician Dioscorides in the 1st century AD. The term materia medica was used from the period of the Roman Empire until the 20th century, but has now been generally replaced in medical education contexts by the term "Evidence-based Medicine". Evidence-based medicine is being used to validate the use of modern drugs as well as time-honoured herbal remedies, including turmeric.

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6th maj 2016

Fairly traded turmeric

If you’re a fan of Pukka, you may have noticed that we love turmeric. But what’s the story behind this incredible spice and where does it all come from?

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4th maj 2016

Pukka's turmeric range

At Pukka we love turmeric. So much in fact that we've created an entire range of turmeric supplements to support you at any stage of your life.

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